Panoramic picture of a view

Firkin Point Loch Lomond

LOCALITY: Firkin, East Dunbartonshire
LENGTH: 5 miles (8.05 kilometer)
SERVICES: There & back, Parking, Toilets

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Loch Lomond North

Go information:

Begin this stroll from car parking and picnic website at Firkin. This is accessed through the A82, north from Dumbarton or south from Tarbet.

Firkin aim can be found from the west finance companies of Loch Lomond, within center of Loch Lomond Road. With all the roadway streching 3 miles north and 3 kilometers south, it is possible to elect to walk both of two instructions. Should you desire you are able to walk both, to take in just as much associated with the breathtaking scenery as you can.

It is level and firm appeared under base making it ideal for buggies and wheelchair users.

Extra records:

If walking south from Firkin aim continue across the headland of Rubha Mor to achieve stunning views along the amount of Loch Lomond

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