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It's an intoxicating cocktail: examining the magnificent Scottish western Coast by seaplane – take a time-out using one worldwide's great trips. Travel in an iconic seaplane back again to the halcyon days of vacation with an initial Class screen chair within the many magnificent landscape on earth.

Loch Lomond Seaplanes could be the UNITED KINGDOM's only seaplane flight and it's also now with its 13th 12 months of procedure. Voted by the Scots because the nation’s top "must do" task - it really is a breathtaking vacation experience.

This is a superior quality, luxury experience - whether you're looking for a seaplane experience, an amazing scenic trip associated with the magnificent Scottish landscape or both, this trip ensures thoughts for life.

Our highly experienced pilots have flown seaplanes in places all around the globe like Thailand, Indonesia, Alaska, Dubai, Vancouver therefore the Maldives and all sorts of believe there is certainly no place that can offer such a spectacular knowledge once the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Many of our passengers have discussed they'd also taken scenic flights over locations including the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef and stated, to quote one, "it wasn't a spot on the Highlands and isles of Scotland". We had been somewhat sceptical to start with but, we understood these opinions better when one of our pilots, that has flown into the Maldives, stated, “moment by minute the Scottish landscape changes whilst unfolds below the seaplane - a majestic mountain peak, a wonderful glen, a mysterious loch, a ancient castle, hillside colours beyond belief, even the light bursting through clouds can change the whole scene. it is mean, it is moody, it is atmospheric – somewhere else, well, once you’ve seen one idyllic atoll you’ve seen them all”.

Prior to boarding your luxury, modern, peaceful and roomy seaplane your Captain will introduce himself and give you advice regarding planned journey routing as well offering you a professional, comfortable but, extensive safety briefing before your embarkation. After motor start the seaplane will taxi down to the Loch and position for take-off - at this point the seaplane is a boat and blends typically with the various other liquid traffic - trend towards kayakers! As soon as prepared, the engine energy lever is forced ahead and also the pleasure starts - the jet engine starts to create some 675 shaft horsepower, the nostrils begins to increases steeply into the atmosphere creating a very steep position in the cabin additionally the spray from the aircraft floats starts to cascade backwards in a brilliant squirt. In a few seconds the plane nostrils starts to lower as well as the seaplane accumulates speed - the plane is, "on the action" - just like a speed motorboat - a rather fast speed ship ! As the seaplane achieves around 65-70 kilometers per hour it begins to raise carefully from the water. When there is some trend task the take-off run feels like operating down a cobbled road, usually it could be extremely smooth. All in all quite an assault in the senses !! Quite a personal experience !!

While the seaplane climbs to the atmosphere a sublime panorama starts to unfold and you notice the Captain pointing down old landmarks and spectacular landscape functions just underneath the aircraft - very nearly within touching distance.

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