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The goals and purposes of nationwide areas are laid out by law. The 1949 National Parks and usage of the Countryside Act, was a law produced by parliament that set out what our national parks is like.

There are slightly various aims and purposes for the national parks in Scotland and also for the Broads nationwide Park, versus various other nationwide parks in The united kingdomt and Wales. Once the aims and functions dispute with one another, then the Sandford Principle should really be used to give more excess weight to preservation regarding the environment.

The united kingdomt and Wales

Environmental surroundings Act 1995 revised the initial legislation and set out two statutory functions for nationwide areas in The united kingdomt and Wales:

  1. Save and boost the pure beauty, wildlife and social heritage
  2. Improve possibilities for comprehension and satisfaction of this unique characteristics of nationwide parks by the public

Whenever nationwide parks perform these purposes they likewise have the work to:

  • Seek to foster the economic and personal well being of local communities in the nationwide parks

The Broads

Herringfleet Mill Sunset

The Broads was handed equivalent standing to that of a national playground by beneath the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988.

The Broads Authority has an additional function over and above those of English nationwide park Authorities:

  • To safeguard the passions of navigation

It is also Britain’s 3rd biggest inland navigation authority and a harbour expert. All of its three functions are of equal body weight.


Between 1951 and 2000 nationwide areas just existed in England and Wales. However the led to the designation of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs and Cairngorms National Park. The Scottish national areas have four goals:

  1. To store and improve the all-natural and social heritage of area.
  2. To advertise renewable use of the all-natural sourced elements of the location.
  3. To advertise comprehension and pleasure (including enjoyment in the form of activity) associated with the unique attributes associated with area because of the public.

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