Loch Lomond Postcode

It is possible to pitch a tent at Sallochy Woodland Camping, a calm web site close to the loch shore, between Easter and October. Check supply or guide a pitch on line. Take note that this campsite is actually for tents only and not appropriate large teams.

You may also camp at Cashel Caravan and Camping Site, only outside Balmaha. it is also near the loch and on the route for the West Highland Method.

Walking The West Highland Way

This excellent path could very well be Scotland’s most commonly known cross country path, extending 154km (96miles) from Milngavie near Glasgow to Fort William. Coming north it follows the shores ofLoch Lomond and passes beneath Ben Lomond. You don’t need certainly to walk it-all to savor the moving route and wonderful views – walk along a stretch of it from here and get a taste for adventure.

Exploring East Loch Lomond

Rowardennan lies more north again, at the end of the public road. Relax because of the loch, stroll along the coast or – if you’re sensation more active – join the West Highland Wayor head for summit of Ben Lomond. The option is yours!

Ways to get here

Start checking out East Loch Lomond from Balmaha. The village is regarding the B837, 4 kilometers (6.5km) north-west of Drymen.

Balmaha Visitor Centre carpark are at grid guide NS 420 909.

Using SatNav?

G63 OJQ is the nearest postcode.

Nearby places

There’s a good amount of other areas to explore across Queen Elizabeth woodland Park, whether you’re here simply for your day or on vacation.

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