Loch Lomond weekend Breaks

Just take yourself down for an early short break Loch Lomond in Scotland as of this cottage within the Scottish Highlands any moment of the season – at just 90 minutes from Edinburgh and Perth including, it is possible to arrive in time for a gin & tonic and a beer before supper. Glasgow is under an hour or so and also the exceptional motorway links from north east of The united kingdomt get this to an appealing quick break choice.

Bracing walks on sharp winter season times are just as refreshing instead of lengthy summertime days within the hills and hills. Mountain biking – canoeing – mountain walking – tennis – fishing on Loch Lomond – or simply just peace and quiet is all you want for a re-energising weekend or brief break at Loch Lomond.

Numerous people to the lodges have actually even managed the three hour trek up Ben Lomond (while the views are worth it) – but there’s loads of less intense strolls across the lochside also, without needing to make the vehicle everywhere.

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