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Inverardran Cottage / Bunkhouse is had by the Ochils M.C. and it is situated at the east end of Crianlarich, next to the Ben More Restaurant. The cottage has been thoroughly upgraded recently.

The Cottage can accommodate 18 men and women in 2 dorms. Individual bed space may be set aside. The bunks tend to be fitted aside with mattresses, you will end up expected to bring your own sleeping bags and pillow. All utensils, crockery and cutlery are given. There are split male and feminine commodes - both with showers. Addititionally there is a lounge area, large kitchen area / dining area, little drying out center and split boot area for wet gear.

Ardess Lodge near Rowardennan

Perfect for walkers climbing Ben Lomond and people travelling across the West Highland Way. The Ben Lomond Bunkhouse, Ardess Lodge can be obtained for approximately 10 people. This inexpensive accommodation is 20 per night, per individual, including linen. Big home, lounge with timber burning stove, drying out space, two bathrooms with bath, one in addition with bath. Suggestions about location from nationwide Trust Rangers on website.


a cozy welcome awaits you at the newly renovated 5 celebrity Callander Hostel. If at all possible located in Loch Lomond together with Trossachs National Park currently an unrivalled hostel experience. With spectacular views of Ben Ledi and a hearty log burning kitchen stove, Callander Hostel is hostelling at its very best which makes it the most perfect base for walkers and cyclists on a budget. With bedrooms from just £18.50 per evening, we could accommodate specific or teams as much as 28.


Sleep in the Old Church. The large backside hallway can accommodate 8 friends completely dimensions bunks, home bedding, towels and 2 bath spaces. Our bunk room is if at all possible suitable for walkers on a budget, families or categories of friends going collectively. Sorry, no facilities for self-catering there are plenty of places to eat and take in into the town. We have two extra rooms and certainly will rest up to 22 friends. Tea and scones on arrival and an attractive continental breakfast will set you right up for the day forward. New for 2017: A 4 bedded bunk area with en-suite.

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Walking can be dangerous and is done totally at your personal risk. Info is provided cost-free; it really is each walker's obligation to check on it and navigate using a map and compass.

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