Loch Lomond Angling

The picture below reveals the existing heat and water-level of the River Leven within Bonhill Pool.
The picture comes with large and reasonable tides at Bowling and liquid amounts at Linbrane (©SEPA).

The River Leven must definitely be central Scotland's top-quality Salmon and sea-trout fishery. All practices except prawn or shrimp and float fishing tend to be permitted in the river.

Fly-fishing has become the top, due to the fact that the seafood tend to be traditionally free risers on fly. Through the 11th of February 'till the 31st of October the Leven provides Salmon and sea-trout, though it is usually the final week in March that delivers the very first decent run of spring Salmon. The Leven gets a run of bigger early Sea Trout throughout April and especially in May.

To stay in the best destination during the correct time whenever seafood simply take a rest because they pass through, is the key to success! Similar pertains to Salmon, the Leven is an extremely quick river at six miles very long. Area of the basis for its success, is the fact that every fish has got to go through the Leven to get towards Loch as well as the spawning streams.

Summer Fishing

Through the entire Summer and Autumn your whole river provides exceptional fishing. Evening fishing for sea-trout is popular from late June, with great grabs recorded by fishermen each year.
The reduced achieves regarding the Leven tend to be tidal and many anglers like to be about this stretch of the lake from hour after high tide during darkness, to cover fresh fish relocating and out using tide.

The one thing this is certainly unique to your Lomond system, is that the Leven and Loch Lomond continue steadily to fish really during a drought year when most other fisheries tend to be putting up with. After extended dry weather, many rivers have weeded up so poorly that it is hard to stop your fly from gathering weed. The lake Leven doesn't have this dilemma. Even yet in a drought 12 months, your fly will move round unhindered other than because of the attentions for the Salmon and Sea Trout!

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