Sealife Aquarium Loch Lomond

Deep Sea World Loch Lomond

Admission: Person: £13.95
Provide Expires: Location: Drumkinnon Tower, Ben Lomond Method, Balloch, G83 8QL telephone number: 00 Nearest facility: Balloch

water LIFETIME Loch Lomond Aquarium is merely 30 minutes from Glasgow, situated regarding the spectacular Loch Lomond Shores.

Explore an incredible underwater globe and just take an amazing trip from Loch Lomond shores into ocean depths through 7 themed areas, including our Tropical Ocean Tunnel. Get up close to over 1500 creatures, including Scotland's just Cow Nose Rays and monster Green Sea Turtle, the biggest number of sharks in Scotland and our playful group of otters.
Learn how it seems to touch a starfish along with other animals residing in our interactive rockpool then visit our Observation Deck for unrivalled views of Loch Lomond, or relax in our welcoming cafe.

With enjoyable talks, animal feeds, special activities and our quiz path, there is lots for everybody to savor at water LIFETIME Loch Lomond.

The tank provides great enjoyable for all your family members, regardless of the weather condition!

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