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Mark: Well. I came across our lass in, after all, I fell, after all, why, it seems, it might appear traditional, but I fell deeply in love with her. You realize. We however, I however, I’ll constantly love our lass. After all I favor the girl more powerful daily. After all, you, the, them days you didn’t, you performedn’t stay with lasses. If, if a bloke had been ganning with a lass and they weren’t married, she, she had a bad title. You know. And everybody looked, looked upon individuals like that. Incase a lass had a bairn, regardless if a lass had a bairn away from wedlock, she had been, look, frowned-upon, you know. After all, I’m perhaps not stating that’s correct. But at the time they seemed right. I mean, people’s att, your attitudes transform today. I divn’t believe they’re now anyway. You realize, if they stay together. And they’re having kids and, plus they divn’t would like to get hitched and, I think you’re, you’re better being married. I mean it struggled to obtain myself. But stating that, head, uh, I got the right one. I was lucky; i acquired the right one. Therefore performedn’t work for my cousin; he got the wrang one. So that you cannot talk for other people truly, could you? Do you know what I mean? I cannot. But I Am Talking About, I’m fortunate. I’ve already been lucky; lifeless fortunate.

Virtue: just what did you wish at home once you had been creating house in the early sixties?

Mark: i believe, we di, it’s, you know, it is funny, nevertheless the children today, they need everything. Straightaway. We were pleased to get some sticks of furnishings and spend weekly because of it. And a little, slightly carpet. Therefore rented your house. And you’d never ever, previously thought you’d purchase a residence. After all that seemed and, and, naebody bought houses inside them days. And then we got our components of furniture. And then, after that, after that we got a black and white tv, which we rented. And therefore had been an extra. We were happy. You were pleased with just what you’d got, result in understood no else, whatever else. You performedn’t know any single thing else. And we had been happy in order to maintain our very own household. And later on the places went a bit higher. You made more cash. The children spent my youth slightly. We bought our own residence. And I also, we worked on bonus and I, we, we paid it well quick as I could. Because I always had worries that I becamen’t ganning becoming working. For the reason that it ended up being constantly regarding the back of brain. Which you were ganning is on the dole. Nae money. Since when you’re raised like me, I mean, we were constantly hungry. And always wanting. And you also never had that dinner. Which’s always from the back of one's brain that you’re gannin to be that way once again. I remember a story about Charlie Chaplin1. They reckon even though he had been rich, he accustomed conceal meals and store meals. I will realize that. Since you always think you’re ganning to be left with naught once again, aren’t you? It’s in the back of your thoughts. But we, we, we bought our home and, uh, it is a very important thing we finished, like. And I’m, you’ve reached be content with everything’ve got, have actuallyn’t you? You understand.

Virtue: ended up being it, was it hard to get a mortgage?

Mark: not. It had beenn’t very difficult for home financing. Spending it well is a, a different thing, like. Because, after all, they state it's a milestone round your neck. Which is. It is a milestone. For the reason that it was

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