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Thank you for visiting our choice of sleep and break fast accommodation, boutique motels and tiny historic resort hotels thoughout England, Scotland and Wales. Most of the bed and breakfasts listed have been in history buildings, some are positioned deep when you look at the country side, some in in our historic cities and urban centers.

Wherever you wish to go, whatever type of B&B institution, restaurant with spaces or boutique resort you are searching for, kindly browse our selection of resorts.

  • Bush Nook, Cumbria

    This charming eighteenth century B&B can be found when you look at the heart of Hadrian's Wall country side and merely a short length from Birdoswald Roman Fort. Functions an extraordinary hot tub in the gardens. All bed rooms are en-suite.

  • Hever Castle Deluxe Bed & Breakfast, Kent

    This stunning, 13th century double-moated palace offers deluxe B&B accommodation in Astor Wing associated with property. Accessibility the castle is roofed in rate and gardens are privately enjoyed by visitors after closing. Free WiFi.

  • Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

    Thank you for visiting Warwick Castle! These days this medieval palace is one of the most visited attractions in The united kingdomt and today provides a choice of accommodation: medieval glamping tents, knight's town lodges and also the romantic Tower rooms into the palace it self.

  • The Bondgate Boutique Alnwick, Northumberland

    Located in the preservation part of the historical marketplace town Alnwick, the Bondgate is a level II detailed building that gives seven boutique-style en room bedrooms.

  • Worthenbury Manor, North Wales

    Welcome to Worthenbury Manor on edge of Wales and Shropshire. This beautiful historical manor offers two stunning bedrooms, each with four poster sleep and personal restroom. Appreciate freshly baked breads and award winning marmalade. DB&B breaks also readily available.

  • The Old Lock-Up, Derbyshire

    The building where prisoners when slopped out with buckets now provides the final term in deluxe and style.

  • Appleby Castle, Cumbria

    Deep within the heart of this stunning Eden Valley you will find historic Appleby Castle. This spectacular Norman motte and bailey castle happens to be offering bed and morning meal in seven luxurious guest bedrooms with four poster beds...

  • Great Selson, Kent

    An excellent level 2* detailed former manor-house set in 3 acres of orchards and formal landscapes, created to a C17th Dutch design with a popular oak staircase expanding 2 flooring. Super king-size beds, en-suite bathrooms with deep bathrooms and a fabulous morning meal.

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