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Loch Katrine is one of the most stunning lochs in ScotlandThe Trossachs and Loch Lomond area in Scotland is internationally recognised as an area of distinguished and preserved beauty. Visitors have-been arriving at this area for over one hundred many years to walk over the numerous wooded glens, the Highland Boundary Fault Trail and climb up the numerous Hills and Montains into the Trossachs. Here are some associated with the acitivities for sale in the region from biking, outside pursuits, galleries, safari parks, fishing, tennis, cruising and yoga retreats.

One of many nicest techniques to see all of the nationwide Park, Stirling and Inveraray is to utilize an engine Residence or Camper Van. These enable you to explore components of Scotland not covered by the rail and permit that in addition go-off the primary roads and explore the more remote and hidden places. Most campsites currently have pitches for engine houses. If you do not possess a Motor Home and wish to hire one then please go to our company Directory where you are able to even hire a normal VW Campervan.


The Loch Lomond and Trossachs nationwide Park includes 22 lochs, listed here are 14 for the primary lochs. From the renowned Loch Lomond into the smaller and equally impressive Loch Chon when you look at the Trossachs.

Scotlands's just pond, The Lake of Menteith, are located in the National Park too. This lake are achieved within less than a half hour from Stirling and it has great facilities for fishing. Not much more away, positioned in the center of the Trossachs are many others gorgeous Lochs including Loch Ard, Loch Achray, Loch Venachar and Loch Katrine. Happening one of many luxury cruise ships on Loch Lomond or Loch Katrine is a superb task for the whole household. The SS Sir Walter Scott is one of Scotland's very first vapor boats and a great activity throughout your remain in the Trossachs.

Speed Boats on Loch Lomond, ScotlandBesides fishing, a few of the lochs provide a much larger range of tasks. Loch Lomond and Loch obtain would be the hottest lochs for watersports eg kayaking, surfing, waterskiing and a lot more. However there are several even more tranquil lochs where cruising is possible. Loch Venachar, for example, offers cruising and is operating out of one's heart of this Achray Forest. The nationwide Park in addition has sea lochs particularly Loch Goil and Loch extended, a fjord-like loch when you look at the western of this park.

Just outside Helensburgh is regarding Gareloch, here it is possible to figure out how to Sail to RYA requirements and Kayak. They also hire down equipment and you may start your ships from their particular jettys.

Here are links towards the primary Lochs in the nationwide Park.
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It's the beautiful surroundings of this Highland Boundary Fault which makes mountain walking around Loch Lomond as well as the Trossachs a memorable knowledge. With views on woodlands, lochs, farmland, hills and rivers, slope hiking in this area is something unique. Munros tend to be hills in Scotland higher than 3000ft (914m). The smaller hills between 2500ft and 3000ft are called Corbetts.

The nationwide Park is regarded as Scotland's places with several hills for slope walking. North-west from Loch Lomond will be the Arrochar Alps with reasonable to challenging amount walks and some opportunities for climbing. One of the more preferred mountain peaks of Arrochar Alps is Ben Arthur, better known as 'The Cobbler' (see remaining picture). This is certainly one of numerous even more peaks it is possible to in the Arrochar Alps that are very well-known mountain walking destinations in Scotland.

Ben Arthur in the Arrochar Alps is one of Scotlands most popular mountainsBesides the Arrochar Alps you can climb many other mountains within the National Park. Only next to the western Highland Way is Ben Lomond, an amazing hill with a height of 974m and great views on Loch Lomond. As the hills and hills into the Trossachs are enclosed by woodland and lochs, the hills more towards north are situated in a scenery more typical the Highlands with brown tints and rather alpine plant life. Daily you can rise an unusual mountain surrounded by various landscapes.

The Loch Lomond and Trossachs nationwide Park may be the correct location to experience the Scottish Lowlands and Highlands in addition using the Highland Boundary Fault isolating both places. For folks who wouldn't like to climb up up a Munro, there are many mountains with smaller heights for instance the Conic Hill in Balmaha with views to Loch Lomond additionally the islands. Another preferred mountain is Ben A'an with spectacular views to Loch Katrine. For more information about the Munros & Bens click on the buttons below.

Below are links to your main Munro & Bens in National Park.
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Walking & Cycling

The wonderful views is just one of the main reasons the reason why site visitors choose walking among the top activities when you look at the Loch Lomond additionally the Trossachs National Park. There are hundreds of walking paths with various trouble amounts. The routes lead you through woodland, along rivers and lochs assuming you want to the top the Munros from where you can enjoy the best views.

Wherever you are in the Park you don't have to travel long unless you look for a great walking course. Should you want to learn more about hiking and locate 3 suggested channels be sure to click here. For info on hillwalking mouse click among green buttons above.

The National path 7 is a cycle course network which connects many villages and towns for the nationwide Park with each other. This permits one to find out numerous villages plus the beautiful nature between them. you are able to get easily from Callander to Killin or from Aberfoyle along the Lochs Achray plus the north shores of Loch Katrine.

You will find unlimited opportunities from paved pattern paths to smaller routes through the woodlands. There is some stores for period hire and equipment as well as guided pattern trips. The Loch Lomond additionally the Trossachs is the ideal place for cycling. You can find additional information about biking here.

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin see to Loch Lomond from Balmaha

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