Loch Lomond boat Trips

The ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ is one of basic journey that we offer.

The ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ is targeted at individuals who have a restricted spending plan or time constraints.

The ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ will last for 20 minutes and depart from Luss Pier at regular periods.


The maximum seating capacity is 7 individuals per motorboat [8 persons including our driver].

All guests will undoubtedly be asked to attend until the motorboat fills up-and small groups may be blended collectively.

The purchase price the ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ is mentioned the following:

Information Complete time Cost per person*
20 Minute Brief Trip 20 moments £10 per person
£5 per son or daughter (under 14)

*In the not likely event that a motorboat does not fill after that the very least charge of £25 does apply [£25 per boat].


All ships depart from Luss Pier, Luss, Loch Lomond, G83 8NZ


The ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ is present seven days per week during summer season [subject to availability].

The ‘Short Speedboat Trip’ is certainly not obtainable in winter.


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