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Arrochar HouseHistory of The MacFarlanes

Crest: A demi-savage brandishing in the dexter hand a broad blade Proper and pointing together with his sinister to an Imperial Crown or standing by him regarding the Wreath
Motto : This i'll defend The clans crest and motto alludes towards defence regarding the crown of the infant James VI
Plant Badge : Cranberry, Cloudberry
War Cry : Loch Sloy

The MacFarlanes are descended from Alwyn, Celtic Earl of Lennox whose younger child, Gilchrist got lands at Arrochar on shores of Loch extended at the conclusion of the twelfth century.

Robert the Bruce whenever obligated to flee the Lochside and reach safety for the west Highlands ended up being sheltered by Malduin, grandson of Gilchrist.

Duncan, the past Celtic Earl of Lennox, ended up being executed by James I and although the MacFarlanes had a legitimate claim to the Earldom, the name was given to John Stewart, Lord Darnley.

Clansmen fell at Flodden in 1513 combined with the 11th main and also at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547 alongside Duncan the 13th chief while opposing the invading English.

Following the the murder of Lord Darnley (Mary Queen of Scots' second husband) the MacFarlanes opposed the Queen and had been noted due to their gallantry during the Battle of Langside in 1568.

whenever Stewarts proved too effective the MacFarlanes resistance Andrew Macfarlane, the 10th Chief, married a younger daughter of Lord Darnley, cementing a brand new alliance.They fought at Montrose's great success at Inverlochy in 1645. The clan doesn't appear to have played any major part inside Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745

The 20th chief, Walter Macfarlane whom lived in Edinburgh for many of their life passed away in 1767 as well as the clan lands at Arrochar were offered off. The direct male line of the chiefs failed in 1886.

Claymore Hotel (was The Cobbler resort and before that Arrochar home) : Arrochar Ancient Seat of Clan Macfarlane See Accommodation

See in addition The Real History Of Arrochar House

MacFarlane’s Castles


Throughout this work we have endeavoured, as far as feasible to avoid conjecture, but we are obligated to it once we endeavour to deduce where in actuality the chiefs of McFarlane had their first house. Our conclusion is the fact that this is a keep situated on which has become a wooded knoll, a prominent function in the landscape, near to where in actuality the River Falloch enters Loch Lomond at head of this loch. An examination regarding the area shows significant look of a building having when endured indeed there. The knoll is on a promontory which becomes an island once the Loch is high, and this opens up a fascinating conjecture upon the four islands which are mentioned in charters, Island Vow, Vanow, Rou Glas Elaig. Island Vow and Rou Glas are well known, and what's today known as Tarbet Island is probably the 3rd, but in which is the 4th? Ross Islands near Rowandennan are the closest actual countries today, but these are a considerable length from respected Arrochar nation, in order that we are driven on conclusion that Tarbet Island therefore the promontory or Ardleish had been Vanow and Elaig. Most likely the deepening of lake Leven at southern end of Loch Lomond had been responsible for the alteration of everything we shall call Vanow from an island to a promontory. Assuming this becoming the outcome, the very first island stronghold of MacFarlane would be in a position relative to the mainland like Inveruglas. The recognized practice of the clan of building these castles on islands, provides additional justification for our hypothesis. If this is considered expedient from motives of prudence, in later times, it was the more essential in the last days of Gilchrist and his don Duncan. Perhaps once the palace on Island Rou Glas ended up being afterwards built, the older residence became the home of the cadets of Ardleish, still title associated with adjoining farm.

We are supported in preceding views by the Revd W S Winchester which writes: “The ruins may be seen regarding wooded knoll which appears during the mind of Loch Lomond and which will be an island once the Loch is high”.

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