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The crimes related to Scotland’s 16th-century cannibal Alexander “Sawney” Bean and his cave-dwelling clan of human-consuming offspring are voluminous and grotesque which they seem to be a-work of fiction. And, well … frankly, they could be.

Undoubtedly, the Sawney Bean Clan may be just a myth. Or mainly a myth. Or perhaps the story might be real. Penned records are sketchy, but reports happen passed around and passed by mouth for hundreds of years.

Alas, much like Hungary’s Countess Elizabeth Bathory along with her penchant for washing in the bloodstream of female virgins, the Sawney Bean tale contains enough reputable elements to invoke a classic (and fun) writing chestnut: “whenever legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Therefore make the following means Sawney Bean himself might take a piece of a really specific kidney pie: with a whole grain of sodium.

Bean very first appeared through the 1500s in East Lothian, Scotland, demonstrating early on to have a flavor for strange physical violence and deviant intercourse. Upon fulfilling a sinful lady with similar predilections, the couple fled to a waterfront cave-in Bennane Head, where they lived — and procreated and consumed — for 25 years.

In the cave, Mr. and Mrs. Bean produced a variety of sons and daughters whom, subsequently, had their children, which then, mainly through incest, produced substantial years of inbred skin fiends.

The Bean Clan sustained itself by assaulting and taking scores of tourists, robbing victims of the items, and consuming their health. The Beans even pickled the leftovers for slim times.

Sawney Bean [Wikimedia Commons]
The Clan emerged crashing down after a would-be target set up enough of a fight to entice a throng of nearby fairgoers and thereby expose the grotesque remnants regarding the Beans’ ongoing atrocities. Scotland’s King James VI got word and immediately dispatched 400 troops to wash out their heinous hideaway.

The whole Sawney Bean Clan got busted and executed without studies. The guys had their particular fingers, legs, and genitals cut-off, whereupon they bled to demise. The females watched their menfolk pass away, after that were burned live.

Throughout, 48 people in the Sawney Bean Clan, including its president, went down on orders through the king. The amount of sufferers taken by the Clan is thought to go beyond 1, 000.

As mentioned previously: All, component, or not one for the above can be real. What’s indisputable is the fact that Sawney Bean along with his clan have become a profound section of Scottish tradition and they’ve encouraged countless artistic interpretations all around the globe, including poems, paintings, publications, tracks, performs, and, definitely, flicks. Have a look at these five.


Writer-director Gary Sherman’s Raw Meat aka Death Line cleverly updates the Sawney Bean saga to early 70s London, where the descendants of caught Victorian-era railway employees live deeply inside the train tunnels and pick-off commuters for meals.

The Underground cannibals tend to be five generations deep and so inbred to the point of getting sloppy. After their leader kidnaps a prominent British politician, Donald Pleasance as a Scotland backyard investigator gets regarding the case and, as always, Donald Pleasance indicates business.

The pinnacle human-eater drops in love with a swinging London lass which he originally hung on a meat hook for later on preparation and public consumption. This brand new sort of appetite sooner or later does them all in.


Using Hills have actually Eyes, horror maven Wes Craven reimagined the Sawney Bean clan in a contemporary American Southwest wilderness, and produced a horror-action landmark that however packs a surprising wallop. It’s also just how the majority of us outside Scotland found first observe Sawney Bean along with his dastardly doings.

Hills vividly and shockingly updates the Beans as a contemporary, cave-dwelling, fur-and-bone-clad coterie of inbred cannibals which terrorize a tremendously 1970s residential district household following the outsiders’ camper stops working at the (means) wrong time, in (means) incorrect location.

The film performed blockbuster business throughout its numerous many years of theatrical release, and it also had been an early smash on house video clip. A Hills cult endures to this day.

In 1985, Craven directed a chintzy followup, The Hills Have Eyes role II, which is most noteworthy for whenever a German Shepherd has actually a flashback on first movie.

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