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Holiday Homes Loch Lomond

Looking for Stuckgowan – a flavor of History

In checking the history for this stretch of the highlands along Loch Lomond hopefully to tell newcomers and help the interesting navigate into the historic hinterland.

This was a location troubled for years and years by feud and dispute until, from the Industrial transformation and governmental turbulence, there emerged a lovely home which improved it's marvellous setting.

The home dates from before 1820 and ended up being designed with elegant lancet house windows and arched doorways as Gothic and Norman references but especially with sophistication and balance.

Its environment, however, has its darker side with a brief history of clan battles, cattle raising even brigandry. Sir Walter Scott’s books rushed from the shelves bearing tales prompted by the history of the location. Neighborhood rumour suggests that Rob Roy ended up being penned partly in the home. We've found absolutely nothing to declare that this is certainly correct but see later on.

We've started on a collection (much more a miscellany) of appendices which develop are of great interest but in addition with backlinks into the location.

Warning – names, be it of location or family members, change over many years.

Since the early 13th century a brush for the western side of the Loch, (including that which we grandly still phone The Stuckgowan home) is possessed just by 5 households.

1235 to 1718 – The MacFarlanes –

The MacFarlanes had been warriors, but occasional cattle lifters and brigands, often residing outside of the legislation and feuding due to their neighbors, the Colquhouns. Banned by parliament and beset by financial obligation, the MacFarlanes dropped on crisis plus in 1718 the Stuckgowan lands were sold. Later in the century the rest of Macfarlane places became the main Colquhoun home.

1718 -1799 – The Simes –

John Simes, a butcher from Edinburgh, purchased the Stuckgowan lands. Little is known for the family members nonetheless they ultimately offered to John McMurrich (possibly together with his cousin Malcolm).

1799 – 1879 The McMurrichs

Little is recognized as to your past dwellings but John McMurrich (1758 – 1847) came to be referred to as creator of Stuckgowan house. The first 19th century saw vast modifications. John, a merchant from Glasgow, ended up being obviously the driving force in charge of the graceful residential property we can enjoy today. Enhance that beautiful home gardens, glimpses which remain despite many years of neglect and lodges constructed with design therefore we can begin to measure the extent of their accomplishments.

As had been the rehearse in those days, the places had been settled in a type of trust as well as on his demise James McMurrich became living Renter and Laird. Not withstanding the sale towards Colquhouns, it appears he continued to live from the Estate until their death.

1879 – 2011 – The Colquhouns

Sir James Colquhoun left directions in his might purchasing the Stuckgowan home if it arrived in the marketplace. That desire had been recognized in 1879. The Colquhoun places now ranged all over the region of the loch. The Stuckgowan Estate merged to the Colquhoun places and, bit-by-bit sales diminished the mix of properties that were put together by the McMurrichs.

In turn the home was a home, a little hotel after which, last year, the shell for the old Estate House, such as the home gardens, north lodge and 34 acres of wild highland hillside was offered to the current owners.

Aided by the framework of extensive stewardship by these households discover a selection of tales that hover between folklore, fable and genuine record.

Two of the finest understood are:

  • 1592 – The murder of Sir Hugh Colquhoun. One of the best fireside stories with many twists and concerns with revenge for unfaithfulness, clan feud, and fratricide between the motives. Each version has got the MacFarlanes heavily involved however it ended up being Sir Hugh’s brother who was simply performed in November.
  • 1603 – The Battle of Glen Fruin engaging the Colquhouns with a selection of enemies such as the MacFarlanes. The Colquhouns suffered a huge defeat but it had been the governmental effects to their adversaries, which appears to have had a lasting impact.

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