Restaurant Alexandria England

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A longtime Alexandria resort and restaurant have temporarily shut down after the owner submitted for personal bankruptcy.

The Parc England Hotel and Bistro regarding the Bayou at England AirPark are actually operated by the Bank of Montgomery following the owner, Fred Rosenfeld, filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy.

"We hope there is a resolution for Rosenfeld to get back ownership and management, " said Jimmy Faircloth, Rosenfeld's lawyer.

The Bank of Montgomery said the hotel and restaurant is under the management of GF control. A representative from the resort stated it's temporarily closed for restorations.

Jon Grafton, the professional director when it comes to England Authority introduced this declaration:

"We regret the company problems encountered by Parc England/Bistro. We have been encouraged by the hostile data recovery activities being applied because of the Bank of Montgomery who's now the operator. We now have every self-confidence in a bright future for the Parc England/Bistro in times forward."

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