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Hotel Alexandria England

AEX international airport signis based about 4 kilometers northwest of downtown Alexandria.

To achieve the airport, use the Air Base path (Highway 498) exit #90 from I-49, and drive west, about two kilometers into terminal. AEX can certainly be achieved from State Highway 28 western, after which on Highway 3054.

In October of 2011, the terminal had been known as the James L. Meyer industrial Terminal honoring the person who was simply a significant power within the development, and success, of The united kingdomt Airpark.

AEX Air Port indication

Hampton Inn and Suites in Alexandria, LouisianaThe terminal features the latest in travel conveniences. For example, recharging stations happen put in for convenient recharging of tourists' mobile phones, tablets, and devices.

AEX includes two runways: Runway 14/32 - 150' x 9350' grooved concrete, and Runway 18/36 - 150' x 7000' asphalt.

AEX is situated within site for the former England Air energy Base. When the base sealed, commercial airport operations were transferred to AEX from Esler Field which can be located east of Pineville.

Commercial air line companies providing AEX include:

  • Delta Airlines, which connects to its hub in Atlanta (ATL)
  • American Airlines with connections to Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • United Air Lines with routes to its hub at Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Terminal building and control tower at Alexandria International Airport (AEX)Rental cars can be found from Avis, National, Budget and Hertz.

, a boutique resort and member of the Ascend resort Collection, is just blocks out of the terminal. Various other accommodations are situated about a mile from AEX, within Airbase Drive exit 90 from I-49, such as the Hampton Inn & rooms Alexandria and LaQuinta Inn & Suites.

England AFB from Google EarthBistro in the Bayou near Parc The united kingdomt provides a fine food knowledge. A Cracker Barrel Store is found close by at the I-49 exit along side several fast-food outlets.

2340 Macarthur Dr, Alexandria, Los Angeles 71303

3810 Alexandria Mall Drive, Alexandria, Los Angeles 71301

3800 Alexandria Mall Drive, Alexandria, LA 71301

6116 Western Calhoun Dr, Alexandria, LA 71303

2344 N Macarthur Dr, Alexandria, Los Angeles 71303

6015 Old Boyce Rd, Alexandria, Los Angeles 71303

Indication for Alexandria airport terminal (AEX) located at The united kingdomt Air Park (picture because of the author)

Courtyard by Marriott in Alexandria, Louisiana Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Alexandria, Louisiana TownPlace rooms by Marriott in Alexandria, Louisiana Home2 rooms by Hilton in Alexandria, Louisiana

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