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Balloch Scotland Accommodation

imgMargaret, Kenny and family members warmly welcome you to come and remain at our modern bungalow situated on a family-run working farm in the hillside, significantly less than 10 minutes from Balloch with beautiful views overlooking the hills of Loch Lomond. Rates from: £25 per person/night

Both our areas, one double area plus one living room, are furnished to a high standard with tea/coffee making services, TV, hairdryers and further bedding. Each space features a scenic view, spacious closets, en suite w.c. and shower, with a bath on request. The spaces are double glazed, centrally heated and fully soundproofed. Linen and towels are provided with laundry services readily available.

imgEnquiries Contact: Braeburn Cottage
Your demand is delivered direct and will be answered briefly.

Invest a peaceful evening within the comfort of our private visitor lounge with an available real wood fire and panoramic views associated with the hills and glens of Loch Lomondside. Enjoy your break fast in our farmhouse kitchen design dining room, prepared on the function Raeburn kitchen stove. Using the chosen a full Scottish breakfast or a lighter continental design break fast, it really is a great begin to your day.img Tour the farm with Margaret, Kenny and kids, satisfying the animals and encounter a working farm at different occuring times of the season, seeing lambs, calves, chicks and ducklings.

Considerable gardens with Child Play Region. Wheelchair friendly. Personal parking available for friends.

Situated half an hour from Glasgow Airport, Braeburn Cottage could be the ideal place for a base to tour Scotland with Stirling, Glasgow, Oban, Inverary, the Trossachs and Edinburgh all within one and a half hours travel. A visitor can enjoy lots of neighborhood destinations including: tennis, fishing, shooting, horseback riding, off roading, walking, mountain biking, cruising and water sports.

Hopefully you enjoy your trip to this breathtaking part of Scotland and then we are ready to welcome you with house baking and a cup coffee or tea on the arrival.

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