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The Guard HouseGenerally 'The Rock for the Clyde', this considerably situated palace has actually a history heading back over 1500 many years. The fortress is defined on and around a pair of volcanic peaks increasing from the River Clyde at its confluence with all the River Leven. Dumbarton gets the longest recorded history as a fortified site of every invest Scotland.

Through the 5th century to 1018 it endured at center associated with the Kingdom of Strathclyde, controlling south-west Scotland. The Venerable Bede, composing in advertisement 731, described a fortified Uk town of 'Alt Clut', set on a rock when you look at the Clyde. A couple of decades later on the palace was attacked by a combined power of Picts and Northumbrians, and accurate documentation in 780 tells for the 'burning of Clyde Rock', because the Kingdom emerged under increasing stress.

Archaeologists have discovered continues to be of an earthen rampart with wood fortifications enclosing the high hillsides of Dumbarton Rock, and remnants of Romano-British pottery. You can view very little proof the deep Ages fortifications, that have been almost certainly destroyed by fire, possibly in a Viking attack in advertising 870. The attack was led by Olaf the White, a Norse chief from Dublin, whoever men besieged Dumbarton for 4 months and took an excellent haul of resource and slaves whenever palace finally capitulated.

The sixteenth century Guard House

Strathclyde slowly regained its power, and by the 10th century it absolutely was the stronghold associated with brand new kingdom of Scotland. 1st master of Strathclyde to become ruler of Scotland was Duncan we, whom succeeded their grandfather, Malcolm II in 1034.

With this 'pre-Scottish' period really the only stays we are able to see tend to be a couple of intricately created tenth century cross slabs, based in the terraced yard location beside the Governor's House. These can be seen into the convention area nearby the castle entrance.

The Medieval Castle
Another mention of Dumbarton Castle inside historic records comes from 1222, when Alexander II mentions a 'new castle' here. From the outset the medieval castle of Dumbarton ended up being a royal fortress, with a keeper, or constable, managing the castle on master's behalf. The initial recorded constable ended up being William Bisset, in 1237.

Parapet stroll towards the Spanish BatteryEdward I of The united kingdomt grabbed Dumbarton in 1296 during his very first invasion of Scotland. The English garrison withdrew following the Scottish success on Battle of Stirling in 1307. Three knights captured during the battle were imprisoned at Dumbarton by William Wallace. Wallace himself had been grabbed in 1305 because of the constable of Dumbarton Castle and was most likely imprisoned here quickly. The Wallace Tower is named for him, and tradition implies that he was held within the guard-house.

Parapet walk towards the
Spanish Power

After Scottish defeat at Halidon Hill in 1333 David II took refuge in Dumbarton Castle together with his consort, Queen Joan. Certainly, Dumbarton was certainly one of only 5 castles to stay faithful to the Scottish master's cause. David stayed at Dumbarton until a ship could carry him to security in France.

The later medieval history of Dumbarton generally seems to include near-continuous sieges and squabbles. In 1489 James IV besieged it two times, and just subdued the garrison with Mons Meg, the greatest cannon of the day. James later on utilized Dumbarton as their headquarters to introduce assaults regarding Lords of Isles.

In 1514 the Earl of Lennox captured the palace through getting his guys to tunnel beneath the North Entry, but he had been only able to hold it for annually before their garrison was overcome because of the Duke of Albany. Albany installed a French garrison and used Dumbarton as his base traveling back-and-forth to France.

Mary, Queen of Scots
In 1548 the youthful Mary, Queen of Scots, aged only five, was delivered to Dumbarton by her mama, Queen Marie for her safety following the English triumph at Pinkie. The younger queen remained right here for a few months, and nearly died from smallpox contracted during the woman stay. She came to Dumbarton as a grownup, within a royal progress in 1563. We know that which was regarding the menu whenever she dined at the castle on 15 July (salmon and white wine). After Mary's trip to England the castle occured for 36 months by her supporters, 'the queen's celebration'. The palace was only taken after a daring raid, the attackers scaling the virtually sheer north-east cliffs, where they properly guessed the defenders wouldn't normally think to keep watch.

'Fause Menteith' carved mind'Fause Menteith' carved head

After Mary's reign Dumbarton Castle lost its pre-eminent role because the 'Gateway to Scotland', and became a garrison fortress; an armed forces fort without a royal palace. Oliver Cromwell seized Dumbarton in 1652 without a shot fired against him, but the biggest change emerged when you look at the wake for the failed 1715 Jacobite increasing, whenever English Major-General George Wade had the castle rebuilt as a Georgian armed forces fort. Wade built a number of weapon battery packs placed at strategic points around the stone, and it's also these batteries that are the major structures we are able to see during the palace these days.

After that the palace served even more as circumstances prison than an important fortress. Patrick Stewart, the notorious 2nd Earl of Orkney, was imprisoned here, as were prominent Jacobite supporters. Inside Napoleonic Wars the castle ended up being the jail for General Edouard Simon, captured at Busaco. The overall had been allowed to rise into top of The Beak twice each day, constantly followed by 2 guards.

Before General Simon's imprisonment Dumbarton had been a visitor destination. Dr Johnson came right here with Boswell on his celebrated trip of Scotland in 1773. Probably the most famous traveler was Queen Victoria, just who went to in 1847, cruising to a specially built pier on her royal yacht. The castle stopped to own any military purpose because of the tur regarding the 20th century, but an antiaircraft electric battery ended up being put up during WWII, plus in 1941 the castle had been bombed, the very first attack on Dumbarton in virtually 3 hundreds of years.

What things to See:

The Powder Magazine

King George's Power
Integrated 1735 included in the river-facing defenses. Known as for King George II.

Governor's Home
Additionally integrated 1735 to provide an impressive residence when it comes to governor. 1st governor to live right here was John Kennedy, 8th Earl of Cassilis (see Culzean Castle).

This sixteenth century building spans a rocky cleft and secures usage of battery packs higher-up in the Rock. A carved directly the eaves dealing with downhill is reported to be a caricature of 'fause Menteith', the Earl of Menteith which grabbed William Wallace in 1305 and handed him up to the English. It is not a flattering carving!

Portcullis Arch
This 14th century arch could be the oldest structure at Dumbarton Castle it absolutely was used to control access through the south into the summit associated with Rock. Portcullis slots is visible on both edges regarding the archway.

White Tower Crag
The best point-on the Rock, at 240 legs above sea-level. Throughout the medieval duration the summit was topped by the White Tower.

The French Prison

The French Prison
Built around 1790 and used to hold prisoners seized during Napoleonic Wars. Near the prisin a collection of measures drop into the stone to access a well. This is possibly the initial well when it comes to deep years fortress.

Wallace Tower
Built in the first 15th century, this originally endured 4 storeys high and may also have already been made use of as a royal residence when Dumbarton Castle ended up being possessed right by the crown. The tower was damaged at some point before 1800.

18th century Batteries
A collection of 3 gun emplacements built in 1795, known as for the Duke of York, Duke of Argyll, and Prince of Wales.

Powder Mag
Built-in 1748, this strange framework looks similar to a mausoleum than a building for keeping drums of gunpowder. Over 150 barrels could fit in the mag, found atop the Beak.

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