Steall Bridge, Nevis Gorge

Accommodation Drymen Scotland

imgSituated on the western Highland Way and inside the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, our bed and breakfast lies near the pretty village of Drymen, while Loch Lomond is a 10 minute drive away. We offer a fantastic base for appreciating watersports on the Loch as well as for climbing Ben Lomond, whilst becoming not as much as 40 miles from Glasgow. Rates from: £30 per person/night

imgAll spaces are en suite. Twin, dual, triple and household spaces offered each with TV, hairdryer and central heating. All of our rooms are located to your back of the home, looking throughout the breathtaking country side (our rooms forget the famous Conic Hill, pictured here right). Our breakfasts are respectable and can include homemade jam, marmalade, free-range eggs and smoked salmon.

Enquiries Contact: Glenalva B&B
Your demand is sent direct and will also be answered shortly.

Comfortable sun lounge for the friends to flake out in. We've ample protected off-road parking. Glenalva works a no smoking policy throughout parts of the house. Check-in from 4pm.

imgClose to Drymen, the gateway towards east shores of Loch Lomond, Glenalva B&B lies at the heart of the renowned landscapes for the Highland Boundary Fault, marked by the Conic Hill a couple of kilometers into west. Our company is a great stopping down point after an extended day trekking the western Highland Way.

With a convenient place and great facilities, Glenalva B&B is ideal for your visit to this beautiful part of Scotland.

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