Glenview Bed and Breakfast ensures you will get a price on your own bed and morning meal remain whenever you book your room on In 24 hours or less of scheduling, if you learn a better cost for similar area for a passing fancy date(s) during the exact same B&B, will refund the difference for your requirements!

What does the most effective cost Guarantee cover?

The Best cost Guarantee addresses any bed and break fast booked online through The bed and breakfast must be booked with the Book Now button on in order to be considered.

Most readily useful Cost Guarantee Terms and Conditions

The Most useful Price Guarantee helps to ensure that when you guide and buy your reservation online through the internet site, you will be reserving your living space within cheapest available price. If you learn a lower life expectancy price for similar space on a single times within exact same B&B, and e mail us within 24 hours of making your reservation, we'll refund the difference in cost for you. This guarantee doesn't connect with bookings made-over vacations and/or for unique occasions. All requests are susceptible to confirmation by wont accept screenshots or any other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be individually verified by workers. Nor will verify any needs that it feels, with its sole discretion, may be the result of a printing or other mistake or is made fraudulently or perhaps in bad faith.

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