Aurora Bed and Breakfast

Best Bed and Breakfast Scotland

4 Star GOLD grand Victorian residence, emerge an increased position within the popular Perthshire town of Pitlochry.

Northlands is situated into the conservation section of Pitlochry that has been popular with people to the Highlands since Victorian times. The B&B is moments from the city centre that will be packed with independent shops and restaurants including Pitlochry Festival Theatre and the popular salmon ladder.

The home is enclosed by unique mature home gardens and it has a bubbling brook streaming through the reasons, which visitors tend to be welcome to enjoy. Visitors can select from 3 elegant, fashionable ensuite bedrooms, all including top-notch textiles and furnishings. Break fast is served within the living area overlooking the garden and features the best locally sourced components.

Northlands Bed and Breakfast is essentially put to pick from the numerous outside activities being offered in Highland Perthshire with the chance to look at the different historical internet sites and stunning landscapes which is why the location is popular.

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