Bed and Breakfast in Aberdeen Scotland guarantees you will get top cost on your bed and morning meal stay once you book your room on Within 24 hours of your reservation, if you find an improved price for the same space on a single date(s) in the exact same B&B, will refund the real difference to you!

So what does the very best cost Guarantee cover?

The greatest cost Guarantee addresses any bed and morning meal scheduled online through The sleep and morning meal needs to be scheduled making use of the Book Now switch on to be able to qualify.

Most readily useful Cost Guarantee Terms and Conditions

The Best cost Guarantee helps to ensure that whenever you book and purchase your reservation online through web site, you might be scheduling the room in the most affordable available cost. If you learn a lower price for similar space on a single times within same B&B, and e mail us in 24 hours or less of creating your booking, we're going to refund the real difference in expense to you. This guarantee doesn't connect with bookings made over holidays and/or for special activities. All demands tend to be susceptible to confirmation by cannot accept screenshots or any other purported evidence of a diminished price that simply cannot be separately confirmed by workers. Nor will verify any needs that it feels, in its sole discretion, could be the results of a printing or any other mistake or perhaps is made fraudulently or perhaps in bad faith.

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