Bed and Breakfast Aberdeen City centre

Denmore Guest home

Dunrovin Guest home - STB 3 performers

Dunrovin Guest House is situated in a quiet tree-lined section of Aberdeen. We are just ten minutes go through the town center, and quarter-hour stroll from Duthie Park regarding finance companies of River Dee. Visitor Reviews

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168 Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6TX

All rooms have central home heating, television, tea/ coffee-making facilities and tresses dryer. En room areas available. Continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Prices from: £40 per person/night

Jays Guest House, The - STB 4 Movie Stars

Ten tastefully decorated bedrooms all with en room facilities. All areas are equipped with clock radio alarms to get you up for the important session, coffee-and beverage making facilities, Freeview/ Satellite TV. Visitor Reviews

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422 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 3BR

Complimentary Wi-fi web connection provided for use with individual laptops. No smoking. Visitors' payphone. Personal parking. All significant credit cards welcome. Special diets welcome. Costs from: Single Areas from £40. Double/Twin area - from £40 per individual per evening (w

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Lewisville B&B - STB 4 Performers

a contemporary 4 star sleep and morning meal situated in an outlying place 5 miles from the borders of Aberdeen on Gateway of Deeside. Suited to the company traveller and tourists desperate to explore the Aberdeen area. Visitor Reviews

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Southern Deeside Path, Maryculter, Aberdeen, AB12 5GB

Comprises of 5 visitor bedrooms, a reception area and a dining/conference suite. Facilities include Wi-fi, en rooms, Flat display screen television/ DVD, under-floor home heating, Power shower and conference space. Prices from: £35 per person/night

Lillian Cottage Guest Home - STB 3 Performers

With a mix of traditional and En package areas available and all major charge cards accepted all of this makes for a calm stay. television, payphone, exemplary selection of breakfast, exclusive parking. Visitor Reviews

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442 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 3BS

Secluded Garden, Tea and Coffee, noisy alarms, Hair Dryer and Internet Access (by arrangement). Costs from: £40 per person/night.

Rosebee B&B

The house is a normal granite design property, situated in a prime spot, around 4 kilometers through the airport and city centre. Our company is around a 5 min stroll from numerous parks and medical center is a quick disappear. Once we only offer one space, we strive for you to have a quiet peaceful stay, with a decent nights sleep within home. Visitor Reviews

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42 Rosehill Drive, Aberdeen, AB24 4JQ

Our house can be found in a prime area, 1 mile through the college of Aberdeen, 3 miles from city centre, 4 kilometers from airport and within hiking length toward hospital. Prices from: £35 per person per evening (based on 2 individuals revealing), solitary occupancy ra

Roselea House


- STB 3 Performers

a hot welcome awaits you at Roselea House, a detailed Aberdonian granite residence built in the mid nineteenth century. This family members run sleep and morning meal is situated in the heart of Aberdeen town. Visitor Reviews

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12 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen, AB11 6LS

The accommodation consists of single, twirental family size rooms. Children are welcome and are charged at a paid off rate. Prices from: £27.50 per person/night

St Ola Guest Home - STB 3 Stars

The St Ola Guest home is found within the Aberdeen's West end on Great west Road. Only a few minutes away from the City Centre and situated on a primary coach course and it is very available whether you've got your own transportation or perhaps not. Visitor Reviews

421 Great West Road, Aberdeen, AB10 6NJ

You can find eight bed rooms located on three floors and can accommodate the lone traveller or large household. Bedrooms are also available with en-suite facilities if desired. Prices from: £32 per person/night

Waldie's B&B

Located in the heart of Aberdeen, Waldie's B&B is within walking distance of Aberdeen University while the city centre. Newly refurbished May 2010, we have free secure parking. Visitor Reviews

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420 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 3BR

All rooms have actually complete central heating, hairdryers, LCD freeview TV and complimentary drink trays with tea, coffee and biscuits. We likewise have no-cost 24hr cordless high speed internet accessibility.

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